Just over a year ago, you might remember the day Amazon technology died.

Lasting for 4 hours, many companies probably thought it felt like death. Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers crashed at 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon and never came back online until close   to 5 o’clock later that day. 4 trillion pieces of data inaccessible. Hundreds of millions of dollars lost for close to 200,000 websites hosted on those servers. While Amazon never formally gave a reason for the incident, most of the industry eggheads confirmed that it had to be a software glitch or a bug in the code due to human error.

In other words, technology took a bite out of everyone’s bottom line.

Did it for you?

While your organization probably doesn’t hold the great weight of the western economy on its shoulders, you know all too well how a broken workstation, or an unreliable Internet connection can  bring profit and productivity to a screeching halt. You never get any warning that trouble is coming, either. Your tech just grabs the static mat from under your feet and gives a hard tug.

But let not your heart or your workflow be troubled; while sleepy servers and lethargic LANs can crimp your business, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. Here are 3 simple ways  you can conquer your technology terrors:

1)      Do It Yourself (DIY): Of course, not every technological breakdown can be handled at the operator level, but often, in frustration, users throw their hands up when a keyboard stops working or a computer freezes. Take a breath. Let a cooler head take over and ask yourself: do I have the means to solve what might be a simple problem? Can this keyboard simply be replaced with another in the back room? Can this computer be un-frozen with a mere flick of the power switch? Not all problems are solved that easily, but one of the most common stories that repair techs tell is the one where the solution was a replacement keyboard or the flick of a power switch. Consult your supervisor, if necessary. Use operator-level instruction manuals, where provided. Don’t give up and don’t let equipment get the better of you. You might be able to fix it.

proper setup for dmb technology

professional work done right dmb technology

2)      Phone-a-Tech: Never in our history has there ever been a time where more trained professionals are willing to take your phone call and rescue you from a tech wreck. Most of the proprietary equipment in retail stores and warehouses are under contract with an IT company who provides 24/7 tech support. Granted, some of these call centers route you to overseas operators whose first language is not yours, but that doesn’t mean they can’t solve your problem. Regardless of where your call is routed, speaking with someone who knows more than you about your non-functional widget will lead to success often.

3)      Hire a Professional: The good news is that even when your own wits and tech support come up short, you can always bring in a knowledgeable professional for the specific problem that ails you. First of all, remember again that some of your equipment might be on warranty or even contract with a specific IT company. In those events, you really want to bring that organization in, since attempting to fix a problem yourself or hiring an outside firm might void your warranty or contract. Having said that, when the situation is dire and time loss is revenue loss, having a reliable, trustworthy professional on speed dial might cost you upfront today, but end up saving you so much more tomorrow.

So, whichever way you choose to bring that infernal server back online, remember that baseball bats and blow torches might be the feel-good solution, but if you want to truly win the day, bring in the pinch hitter––a true pro who will make you look like the hero.

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