“Hey Curtis, please call 423 and ask them what the technical problem is. I don’t have time to deal with them and don’t really want to anyway.”

“Yeah they’re just a home user and not really that big a deal anyway, fit it in when you can this week.”

Advanced Technology Consultants exists to make sure you never have to do business with these guys again.

Whether you are an employee or owner of a small to midsize company or you work at home, when technical issues go wrong at work, it can be stressful or disastrous. Financial mistakes, missing deadlines, lost data. It all amounts to the potential for lost business or lost customers.

If you work from home, you know the frustration that comes from hours of troubleshooting technical difficulties. Most times, your efforts end up unfruitful. You end up losing valuable time, wondering how to get it back. Such time loss impacts your bottom line, whether you are a one-man operation or a multisite corporation. To avoid that kind of headache in the future, you know you’ll need to hire a solutions professional. But who? Finding someone you trust who does quality work can also be a time killer.

ATC Canada has what you need to keep from ever losing valuable time or money again. Our team of rock stars provide quick solutions to your IT technical challenges. Other companies that have benefited from their expertise include NCR, HP, Dell, and IBM. Whether you work in Canada or the US, ATC stands ready to help. Best of all, whether you are a self-employed professional or part of a large-scale operation, ATC can deliver quick and reliable service every time. Companies all over North America are enjoying the ATC difference, saving boatloads of time and money and we would love to be a part of your future success.

One area we specialize in is serving the unique needs of small-business entrepreneurs and even “homepreneurs.” Having the convenience of a reliable professional who keeps the same hours you do, who can perform hardware swaps, troubleshoot workstations, or restore pesky network problems makes ATC the perfect choice for your IT needs. Many of our clients who work both from home and the office find our flexible on-site capability ideal for their special needs.

In short, your success in business matters to us. Providing you with quality workmanship when you need it in any work environment is how we earn trust everyday at ATC.

Trusting your IT technical needs to us will lead to a lasting relationship, one based on trust, quality, and care. We want to put an end to sub-par, cookie-cutter, impersonal, rude, pushy service, because, in all honesty, that’s not service at all. Your needs met, and your expectations exceeded are how we plan on helping you find all the time you need to do what you do best.

That’s ATC working for you.